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"With Nannette’s help and guidance I am starting to actually understand how nutrition, exercise and lifestyle all fit together. She helping me put into practice things I may have been told already but nobody took the time to connect the dots for me. Nannette has broken the issues down so that they relate specifically to me – showing me how my life (being a vegetarian/lacking protein), my fitness level and my emotional well being require a different integrated approach than might be true for other. With her help I am feeling better physical and emotionally and making real progress toward my goals."  – Becky, Preschool teacher, nanny


I have trained with many different types of trainers over the years, including big gyms and Crossfit.  Everything I started over the years would last three months before I started to dread my appointment times. This cycle became a source of frustration for me, I constantly came away with a feeling of failure in both myself and my fitness experience.  When I met with Nannette, that all changed for me.  She is encouraging, energetic, educated, talented and amazing at what she does. I never dread my times with Nannette, in fact I look forward to them with anticipation, and if I have learned anything throughout my years of searching for a fitness instructor, this is very rare.   I always leave feeling like I really worked out my body but just as important I  feel uplifted and empowered emotionally and mentally.  I love her private studio and her personal touch across all areas of my life, including her firm but positive approach to helping me reach my goals.   She consistently stays in tune with what is happening in my life and often makes suggestions for small changes that I can do to increase my success.  I am so happy with my experience I now have my 16 year old daughter working out with Nannette, and she is falling in love with fitness for the first time in her life.  ~ Angie Lloyd, Corporate Director, ISI



"Nannette Nelson is perhaps the best fitness coach in Idaho. I had virtually no experience running and Nannette outlined a perfect training schedule so that I was prepared to run a half marathon, which I did without the slightest injury of any kind."  

– Tim, retired



"As her daughter and now as a professional in the health care business, I feel fortunate that I learned from a very early age that health, beauty, and wellness come from the inside out. My mother taught me how to nurture my body and spirit for wellness for life. Healthy eating and exercise for the whole person is natural for me in my adult life because it was the example set for me from an early age. This also influences a balanced approach to health I use in my professional career as a registered nurse."  

– Sarah Jo Lawrence, RN, BSN, BSW

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