I believe that wellness is a personal journey that includes physical, social, occupational and mental health. My wellness packages are customized to your employees’ needs and your company’s size, culture and objectives.

​I pledge to deliver effective programs that support the growth and health of your employees while enhancing your company’s bottom line and vitality.

Why Have A Corporate Wellness Program?


The success of any company depends to a great extent on the productivity and performance of its human resources. Employee wellness programs will improve your workforces’ ability to function consistently at a higher level.

Our wellness programs focus on the physical wellbeing of your employees. Programs include weight loss regimes, smoking cessation programs, stress management and exercise, diet and fitness advice.


  • Workplace Morale

  • Productivity

  • Responsibility

  • Company Loyalty


  • Health Care Costs

  • Absenteeism

  • Sick Leave

  • Operating Costs

Wellness Will Provide a Business Advantage

A company able to achieve more than its competitors with the same resources has an absolute advantage. Vivant Concierge Wellness can provide you with such an advantage.


A 2010 Harvard study identified the following financial benefits gained from wellness programs:

  • Medical costs fell by $3.27 for every dollar spent on wellness programs

  • Absenteeism costs fell by $2.73 for every dollar spent


Do you have a vision for the health and wellness of your employees?

Does your work environment facilitate wellness?


Since people spend the majority of their time at work, the workplace is a great placeto engage employees in wellness. Attention to easily addressed areas such as vending machine food choices and flex time for exercise can go a long way in helping your employees achieve maximum health and wellness.


Let Vivant Concierge Wellness do an assessment of your workplace and help you make changes that painlessly encourage healthy attitudes and choices at work. We will help you create a work environment where your employees enjoy spending time and feel great about being involved.


We provide a superior method for building camaraderie and an overall healthy corporate environment.

Our executive wellness program is the missing ingredient in the traditional recipe of annual Christmas parties and employee of the month incentives to help you develop a more dynamic work environment.


Vivant Concierge Wellness customizes programs for your workplace and delivers convenient, personalized services at value pricing.



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