More than just your trainer or nutritionist, I am passionate about designing and providing a truly personal wellness experience that integrates nutrition, fitness training and social support to help you achieve the lifelong results you desire.



Nannette Nelson

BS Health Education, Psychology

  • American College Sports Medicine- CPT

  • RYT 200 Yoga Certified 

  • Precision Nutrition Certified

  • Precision Nutrition Exercise Nutrition Certified

  • CPR/AED/First Aid Adult and Infant Certified

  • Juan Carlos Santana Personal Training Certified

  • Member American College of Sports Medicine

  •  Dreambuilders Graduate- Jannus  Women's Business Promotion 


Nannette has a passion for helping people along their personal path to wellness. She brings a rare and comprehensive approach to her work – assisting individuals to realize their wellness depends on all facets of their lives – physical, mental, social, professional, spiritual, and financial. Nannette has the knowledge, experience and style to help people of all ages and abilities to pursue their wellness goals. She has worked with seasoned athletes as well as people who are new to caring for themselves in a mindful way. She is as effective with groups, large and small, as she is with individuals. Nannette’s interest in wellness has always been an authentic facet of who she is. Well before graduating cum laude with a degree in Health Education and Psychology, Nannette was leading by example as an early pioneer of sustainable, organic farming in McCall, Idaho. 

Not content to focus on nutrition alone, Nannette graduated from Boise State University with a degree that would prepare her to be an effective and knowledgeable advocate for personal wellness. While she has enjoyed her experience developing training programs for triathlons, half marathons and 5K's, her passion is helping individuals discover barriers that hinder them from achieving their wellness potential and guiding them to success, overcoming those barriers and living the vibrant, healthy lives they deserve. 

Nannette has always “walked the talk” in her own life, finding time for running, biking, yoga, enjoying arts and cultural activities with family and friends, and pursuing her own goals. She feels very fortunate to live in a community that fosters health at every level. Nannette lives in Boise, Idaho where she started Vivant Concierge Wellness, her fresh solution for those who want to invest in the health and well being of themselves, their friends and family. Nannette believes that the best way to predict your future is to create your future. Guiding people to a healthy, fullfilling future is her life work. 


Nannette stays connected to her community with memberships to the following organizations:

Idaho Trails Association

Trailhead, Boise

Women’s Business Center





The Cornucopia Institute

I can help you discover the incredible wellness potential you have within you."

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